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I make Project Search & Replace for Unity

This is where you’ll find my art and code

  • Project Search & Replace
    This page is the portal into info on Project Search & Replace, a plugin for Unity to provide improved search & replace functionality across your project. For more info go to the Asset Store Page. For support I recommend the Discord, but you can email me at The plugin contains an up-to-date help system. Legacy documentation is available here. The fantastic illustration is by Eldar Minibaev with animation by Brandon Yongbanthom Posts related to Project Search & Replace:
  • Arrrrrrt
    This page is the portal into artwork I’ve made. I am a hobbyist illustrator. I do not do commissions or work professionally.
  • Things That Are Not Plants
    Almost word for word the actual conversation with my wife.
  • Project Search & Replace 2.0 Roadmap
    This blog is quiet, but Project Search & Replace is still alive and well. If you are over in the Discord, you’ll see that I’m actively answering questions that crop up. If you have a support issue or a question, please drop by. I wanted to post about the current state of the asset and its future. I’m currently still supporting 1.0, but generally not building new features on it. If its not too hard I may whip something up in response to a support request, but generally work on 1.0 is complete. With the advent of Unity’s built-in Quick… Continue reading Project Search & Replace 2.0 Roadmap
  • PSR Donation Update
    Earlier this month I mentioned that I will be donating my profits from my Project Search & Replace plugin for Unity to a non-profit to fight systemic racism. I’d like to thank everyone who purchased a copy this month. It is the end of the month, and PSR has made $1049.70. This is after Unity has taken their 30% and before taxes have been taken out. After much thought, and weighing various options and opinions, I have decided to donate to *two* charities: Black Girls Code To increase the number of women of color in the digital space by empowering… Continue reading PSR Donation Update