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  • Taming the Code Jungle: FC/IS in Game Development
    The problem with object-oriented languages is they’ve got all this implicit environment that they carry around with them. You wanted a banana but what you got was a gorilla holding the banana and the entire jungle. Joe Armstrong A couple years ago, I learned from some smart friends of mine about FC/IS, or Functional Core/Imperative Shell. Probably the most important video on the topic is Boundaries by Destroy All Software. Boundaries is a very crucial piece of thinking on the topic. But in this article I want to explain what FC/IS is, and then focus in on its defining criteria:… Continue reading Taming the Code Jungle: FC/IS in Game Development
  • Sins Of Code Readability
    In the course of my career, some people have occasionally asked me for advice on software development. It is frequently hard for me to explain my approach. Part of this is because any programmer’s approach is a constant evolution. Would I look back at my code from six months ago and consider it to be Good Code? Perhaps not. But why is that? Is it because I designed the code poorly? Or is it because I didn’t spend sufficient time on it? Or is it because I didn’t really understand the problem until I had solved it? The answer to… Continue reading Sins Of Code Readability
  • Project Search & Replace
    This page is the portal into info on Project Search & Replace, a plugin for Unity to provide improved search & replace functionality across your project. For more info go to the Asset Store Page. For support I recommend the Discord, but you can email me at The plugin contains an up-to-date help system. Legacy documentation is available here. The fantastic illustration is by Eldar Minibaev with animation by Brandon Yongbanthom Posts related to Project Search & Replace:
  • Arrrrrrt
    This page is the portal into artwork I’ve made. I am a hobbyist illustrator. I do not do commissions or work professionally.
  • Things That Are Not Plants
    Almost word for word the actual conversation with my wife.