The Top Best Most Awesome of 2014: Alamo Drafthouse

Ok, so everyone and his brother are putting out their Top 10s of 2014. So it got me thinking: can I stop being a curmudgeony dick and actually find some things I actually enjoyed in 2014? Probably not. But what the hell, here goes. I’ll be posting these as I make ’em over the course of the next couple weeks!

The Alamo Drafthouse

I didn’t go to movies in the theaters for a while. I got tired of idiots OCD-ing on their phones, chatty cathies, and, worst of all (shudder) children. But guess what? It turns out I can go to the Alamo Drafthouse, drink a beer and watch a movie in peace without clueless loudmouths damaging my calm.

Keep upping the price of those tickets, Alamo! Keep those lowly plebes and their inferior Android phablets out of my theater!

Because its ‘Fuck You, Its January’ January, there is little to go see. BUT we are excited to watch the Yankovician classic UHF soon enough!


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