The Top Best Most Awesome of 2014: Hearthstone

Oh btw, have you heard of a game called Hearthstone? What? That’s not from 2014? WHATEVS, its my post. And while the game may have been around since March 2013, it is still an impressive force in games. Not only did they release the Naxxramus single player campaign they also released an entire expansion before the end of 2014.

But beyond the work put into the game is how Hearthstone’s community has emerged. There are Twitch players like Trump who play Hearthstone daily as their job. Firebat won $100,000 at the Blizzcon championships (which he mentioned on Twitch he simply put into a long-term retirement account). Hearth Trolden has hilarious and well edited videos as part of his Funny And Lucky Moments series:

I have enjoyed not only playing the game, but also being a part of its vibrant community.

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