Project Search & Replace v1.2: Whole Lotta Features

I have just released version 1.2 of Project Search & Replace with a few new features. The free version, Project Search, has also been updated as well but most of these features are in the full version only. Check out the video overview:

Really digging these latest additions, and I hope you do, too! I’ve been using them internally for the past week, and as always its quite nice to code something that I can use. A quick run down of the top features:

Better Search Initialization


Now when you initialize a search with an object, it will automatically populate the fields with the values of the object you dragged in! Cool!


It is now possible to chain searches together using Subsearches. Simply click ‘Add Subsearch’ and the matches from the parent search will be filtered by the subsearch.


The above search looks for all text with a font size of 18, and has the specific color given.


You might’ve noticed the new dropdown in the above subsearch example. This is the Conditional dropdown:


It now lets you match if the value matches, if it does not match, or just list all values:


This also works very well with the subsearch functionality, allowing a lot of flexibility and some magical kinds of searches. For example you can use the ‘Any’ conditional to pass the value found into the next search!


The above passes the collider value found in the parent search to the subsearch, allowing you to chain multiple search results together and search(and replace) values on related objects! For a full example check out the video.


The new dependencies search allows you to search not only the current selection, but all objects that the current selection uses:


In the above example the search is looking for the ‘funko_bat’ texture in the scene. But if you are searching the scene, that doesn’t search all the things outside the scene that the scene uses, such as materials. With Dependencies checked, Project Search & Replace will call EditorUtility.CollectDependencies and add these items to the list of searched assets. Turns out the texture is used by TestMaterial, which is used by the scene.


A few UI improvements have been added, including a new draggable divider between the search and the results. A couple bugs have been found and squashed as well.

Get It Today!

Already own Project Search & Replace? Upgrade for free today through the asset store! If you’re not sold on Project Search & Replace yet you can check out the limited feature version Project Search for free. This version has basic search functionality, and you can learn more about the differences on the support site here.