Project Search & Replace 1.2.1 Update

This is a maintenance release for PSR(Project Search & Replace) and the demo version Project Search. This release fixes issues with Unity 5.4 and above and I am temporarily shipping the product as two subpackages: one for 5.3 and earlier, and one for 5.4 and later. Once it seems appropriate, support for 5.3 and earlier will be dropped and PSR will go back to being a ‘normal’ package.

The difference between these versions is the new SceneManager system added in Unity 5.3. In Unity 5.3 the SceneManager was unusable due to internal bugs and so the older scene API was used. In Unity 5.4 the older scene API is now broken(boo!) and the new SceneManager system has been fixed(yay!). This problem exists with both the demo and full versions.

If you are a user who is using multi-scene editing in 5.3 I highly recommend updating to 5.4 if possible. If you are unable to and need to use PSR with the new multi-scene system on 5.3, PSR may still work for you. As always if you have any questions or issues you can email me at

This update is now live in the Unity Asset Store.