Project Search & Replace 1.6 Update

Release 1.6 of Project Search & Replace is now live in the Unity Asset Store!

Feature: Full Source Code

PSR now includes FULL source code and a couple minor bugfixes. If you are working in very large scenes, then you might find things a bit zippier. The release of source code is in anticipation of some cool new features coming down the pipeline. Additionally I wasn’t sure if this was hurting adoption in any way. Perhaps people will find new ways of using the plugin!

Discord Server

Got a question about your project? Hit me up on Discord. I can answer your questions, or even screenshare with you to help find a solution to your search and replace needs. I’ve found this to be a great way of providing support and wanted to open it up as an alternative to email.

Not only am I the developer of Project Search & Replace, but I’m also a daily user! May you search and find what you desire!