Project Search & Replace 1.8.1

I have been rather busy shipping games at my day job with the lovely people at Dire Wolf Digital, but I have still been pushing updates for Project Search & Replace! I’d also like to thank Andrew Seward for doing a serious amount of heavy lifting on the latest version. The upcoming 1.8.1 will add improved material search:

Searching for textures with the name ‘_MainTex’ and replacing the funko_bat texture with funkobat_2.

Additionally we’ve added a few more improvements and changes in 1.8.0:

  • Fixing various warnings related to the new prefab workflow.
  • Fixing bugs related to working with the prefab ‘staging area’.
  • ‘Current Scene’ has been renamed to ‘Current Stage’ to reflect its slight change in role.
  • Replacing artwork that has gone missing in newer Unity versions.
  • Fixing issue with replacing materials in mesh renderers.
  • The free version has been deprecated in the asset store due to compatibility issues.

The free version did not get very good reviews, and it didn’t fully represent the product. First it was difficult to ship the project in a method that didn’t cause issues and errors without giving away the source code. Second it seems like most users felt the replace option was the real value of the plugin.

If you have any questions or thoughts about the product, please do not hesitate to join our Discord server!