Free Beta Invites: Project Search and Replace for Unity

Are you a developer/artist/designer working in Unity? Would you like to work faster? Would you like the ability to better search and replace text, strings, and more? If so, join my closed beta! My plugin for Unity, shown in the video below, allows you to search and replace within Unity with ease. I’m getting ready for… Continue reading Free Beta Invites: Project Search and Replace for Unity

Unity Tip: Working with Resources.Load() Strings

Resources.Load() is the way to load ‘baked’ data (ie data that was shipped with Unity at compile-time). This is done via strings. Messy, messy strings. And what format are these strings? The path is relative to any Resources folder inside the Assets folder of your project, extensions must be omitted. This path value is surprisingly easy to… Continue reading Unity Tip: Working with Resources.Load() Strings

Unity Tip: Importing Textures

Usually when working with textures in Unity you may have a few specific requirements on how textures should be imported. Compression, mip-maps, filter mode, and wrap are usually my most commonly set flags. I’ve taken to writing a small chunk of editor code to help me set the properties of my images without requiring manually… Continue reading Unity Tip: Importing Textures

Game Development And Timelines

I have been working with Galatea Studios here in Tucson as we work on some exciting and unique projects. As we move forward with new projects Monty posed the question to me: “Can we define a general timeline and expectations for game development?” The end result is a rough ‘order of operations’ document defining terminology,… Continue reading Game Development And Timelines

Stereoscopes and Cardboard Part 1: Digital Archaeology

Here in Part 1, I attempt to learn more about the history of stereoscopic photography. Part 2 involves converting this old photography into a Google Cardboard virtual reality app. I was in a rather large antique shop in Globe, Az snooping around and I came across some rather interesting photographs: These are stereoscopic images taken… Continue reading Stereoscopes and Cardboard Part 1: Digital Archaeology

Fixing Time Machine Files

Infrequently I’ll grab something off my Time Machine. But restoring stuff from time machine can sometimes fail. For example if you are restoring a file from another computer. I then have to resort to copying things over from the Time Machine hard drive, which causes weird permissions issue. And even if you change the user… Continue reading Fixing Time Machine Files