Free Beta Invites: Project Search and Replace for Unity

Are you a developer/artist/designer working in Unity? Would you like to work faster? Would you like the ability to better search and replace text, strings, and more? If so, join my closed beta!

My plugin for Unity, shown in the video below, allows you to search and replace within Unity with ease.

I’m getting ready for launch in the Unity Asset Store but beforehand I’d love to see how it works for others and what people think of it.


This is an editor tool currently for *Unity 5 and above*. It is an editor window, meaning there is no code to write. It should be quite artist friendly.

This is a project-wide search and replace tool meaning: do not become a tester if you are not using version control or have frequent backups. This is also beta software which so far Works On My Machine™ but has not been tested in the wild. General legal limitation of liability language applies.

Becoming A Tester

Have you read all of the above and want to test this out still? Great! Glad to have you. Please email me at and I will add you to the testing team and provide you a build. Space is limited, I’m not looking for a large number of people.

Thanks for you interest!