Project Search & Replace 1.5 Update

It has been a while since the previous update, both on this site, and also on my Project Search & Replace plugin. But progress has been occurring nonetheless! PSR version 1.5 is now out, along with the search-only free version, and has quite a few new features:

Fix: Fixing issue with circular references in internally serialized Scriptable Objects.
Fix: Adding code to search against internal scriptable objects in a scene.
Feature: It is now possible to override searching and replacing objects of differing types by unchecking ‘Safe Search’.
Feature: Adding the ability to search for all components of a game object in Type Search.
Feature: Adding the ability to search for the sprites of a Texture2D in Type Search.
Feature: Adding the ability to search for unused scripts. Search globally, choose ‘Scripts’, and drag a folder into the field.
Feature: Modifying user interface to default to Type Search and removing the Search Wizard.
Feature: The old ‘create a new search’ flow has been removed. The new ‘persistent search’ flow remembers more searches and is more intuitive.
Feature: Modified the object field of the property field to be a custom control to better reflect its purpose.

I’d also like to thank the users who have given me great feedback and ideas for new features. I also hope that the UI improvements will help users better understand the way the product works. Enjoy!